Bandung International ONLINE Expo 2012

The First Internet, E-Commerce & Mobile Application Exhibition in Indonesia

The EXPO will be held at Sept 28 – Sept 30, 2012

at Graha Manggala Siliwangi, Jl. Aceh No: 66 Bandung
Indonesia is a country with more than 300+ million people, have a very huge market for companies to introduce the internet industries in global world. For example, we are right know in the 4th rangking of facebook user ( 43 million user ) source from : We believe this fact make indonesia become a target market for every kind of internet business. That’s why we create an event as a meeting point between your corporate with the end user, investor and potencial advertizer. We will make this event become annual event in Indonesia and hope that someday can be held in other cities in Indonesia.

Why should participate :

1. International Event for Internet Industri, Big Opportunity to introduce your product to worldwide and sociaety

2. Busines To Business ( B2B ) event that can give you benefit to meet up investor, partner and potencial advertizer

3. Busines To Customer ( B2C ) event that can introduce your product to end user and customer

4. Meet directly your customer to get what they want and what they suggest to increase your services

5. Raise your Brand Awareness with corporate actifities in this event

Exhibitor Profile :

E-commerce Company

Internet Services Company

Operator & Provider Company

Handshet & Handphone Company

Computer & Modem Company

Social Network Company

Game Online Company

Mobile Games Companies

Mailing List Community

Web Hosting & Reseller

Web Design & Developer Companies

Others Internet Companies

Activities on location :

1. Exhibition Showw Off from all Exhibitor

2. Private Workshop such us : Web Design, Web Programme, Mobile Apps, Operating System etc

3. Public Talkshow about : E-commerce, Opportunity Online Business, Tips & Trick, Invesment, Sponsorship, Partner, Resseler, etc

4. Company & Product Presentation to developers and communities.

5. Competition about Apps, Web, Games & Others

6. International Conference for Online Business

note : want to be a speaker in one of this activities? please contact us for further information.

Please update our website for more coming news about the show on location

For Further Information :

Please contact us at +62 22 79571677

or email us at :

NEO Organizer Branch Bandung.

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